Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsKatane, I, Kalniņa, I
JournalProblems of Education in the 21st Century
Start Page57-68
Date PublishedJanuary/2009
Type of ArticleOriginal article
Other NumbersICID: 876736
Keywordschangeable environment, competitiveness of personality, educational paradigms, sustainable development of society

Global level various processes make us questions: where and in what way can we search the possibilities for sustainable development of society and how can we promote its competitiveness in the context of globalization and integration processes? The new ecological, synergetic paradigms in pedagogy enable to study a personality as a self-developing, self-organizing and self-evaluating system which develops during educational process, plans and forecasts; constructs and accumulates its own experience; which is able to choose and to be responsible for the consequences of its own actions under the conditions of modern changeable environment.
Methodology of Research. During last three years (2005 – 2007) a subject of our research was new meaning of concepts in pedagogy: competitiveness, competitive personality and marketable specialist in the context of human viability in the changeable environment. It bases and builds on scientific sources which represent: 1) evolutionary and cultural pedagogy; 2) developmental, ecological and applied psychology; 3) human ecology, including educational ecology. The methods of theoretical research: the analytical evaluative studies of scientific literature; content analysis of documents; reflection of experience.
The ecological and synergetic approaches enable to draw the conclusion that nowadays human as an individual of society, personality must learn to live and change in the interaction with the changeable environment, including changeable social, educational, economic, career environment etc. aspects. Therefore concept of competitiveness is becoming pedagogical category, which changes its traditional meaning during last fifteen years. Nowadays it is very important to work out theoretical background pertaining to the new content of competitiveness in pedagogy, analysing the concept in the context of recent changes which take place in the modern society and education as well. In this article new concept of competitiveness is substantiated in the following contexts and aspects: 1) various educational paradigms: liberal-rational, ecological and synergetic paradigm, 2) several approaches: functional, biometrical and structural approach.

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