Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsLamanauskas, V
JournalProblems of Education in the 21st Century
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Date PublishedAugust/2011
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Keywordsnatural science education, natural science literacy

Despite of the fact that natural science education questions are constantly discussed, it is necessary to give much more real attention to this area. It is obvious that the spectrum of the topics of natural science education is too wide and one short article should not manage to cover all burning questions. The author has not raised a task to „exhaustively discuss“ the problems of natural science education. The author held the view that it is important to draw attention to some key moments.
The mentioned ten thesis correlate with natural science literacy in one way or another. It is clear that poor attention is paid to natural science education till now. Public natural science literacy is low. In the 21st century, every person encounters pressing problems of environment pollution, nature devastation, health, etc. New socio-ecologic issues become pronounced (for example, air ionization in the room determined by computers). 21st century is the one of technologies, genetics and information. We will be made to live a different life. The present situation is stressful, for example, overwork with computers, TV and other technologies determine a headache, sight problems, claustrophobia, etc. The man has a majestic and powerful mind but often is full of evil spirit. He has a wish and possibility of making. However, he successfully destroys the creation. The scientists have expressed a serious concern over nature. Therefore, natural science education is not the only subject of discussions today. It is more frequently examined in a very broad context which is natural science – technological – noosspheric education. The professionals of natural science education accept personal responsibility for the creation and extension of natural science education which is supposed to be a primary duty and obligation. Consequently, training of the comprehensive school teachers of natural sciences and the permanent development of natural science competence are very important features from this point of view. School cannot effectively work without the teachers and education managers of suitable qualification. Generally speaking, natural science education is an integral part of general education and educatedness.

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