Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsPató, BSG, Freund, A
JournalProblems of Management in the 21st Century
Start Page29-42
Date PublishedJune/2016
Type of ArticleOriginal article
Other NumbersICID: 1209717
Keywordsbusiness ethics, corporation’s behaviour, procurement issues, Sustainable Procurement

Today’s business world is affected by the 21st century’s processes, like globalization, fluent online attendance, digitalization and their direct consequence depersonalisation. The authors are motivated by these facts and want to vivify the „old fashioned” correct business models and find the indispensable parameter of the well-functioning economy, in one word today’s equivalent of „honorable gentlemen”. The assumed key to success could be useful for the for-profit sector because not only profit can be the impelling in the professional life of a corporation. The human value added is one of the most important keystones of thrift. The aim to establish a balance between economic and ethical behaviour of corporations has been enounced serving the interest of all participants, consumers, corporations and society. The before natural thought values seem nowadays to turn into something different or to be neglected. As a consequence the question has been raised, if society has the force to establish and improve Ethics, will it be able to destroy it as well?! The main focus of the research is therefore the mapping of criteria and marks which belong to on the competitive market successful enterprises whose procurement decisions are ethical as well. These marks can be formal or informal. The results of the research show well that there are parameters of a company, for example, a code of conduct within guidelines concerning the procurement or procedure manuals in which also ethical issues appear in a formal way. From another point of view there are informal signs like customs arising from the corporate culture, daily routine or just human behaviour and convincement of the management and procurement employees that also support the ethical performance of the company. The results of the research can serve as best practice for the other enterprises too in their daily appearance on the market. Particularly in that area the company’s most important goal is “gaining profit” which can have next to itself another value added the “fair work”. Its role is to lead the attention to the statement that next to fair working on the market profit can be produced as well. The researchers consider it important that the companies who have already kept in mind the ethical procurement could gain a feedback, an inspiration or even new ideas to follow their work.

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